Become A Better Conversationalist


The art of being a good conversationalist is increasingly difficult to master. What do you think makes a good conversationalist? We always try and stress the importance of asking questions to our students. It shows you’re interested and keeps you engaged. Even better, asking questions lets you check to see if you have understood correctly!

Let’s say someone has just spoken about a topic. You didn’t quite catch everything they said. Instead of saying:

“I don’t understand.”

You could ask a question:

“Are you saying…..?”

“Could you tell me a bit more about that? I’m not sure I caught your meaning.”

This way, you can show you were paying attention and are interested. And, you are completely putting the emphasis on your level of English!


      • Always try to catch at least a couple of words. Then use your imagination to guess what the subject matter is.

      Let’s say all you heard was “nervous” and “teeth”. You could then say:

      “I didn’t quite catch that. Are you telling me you have a dentist appointment?”

      The person may say “Yes exactly.” or “No, not me, my daughter.” But the important thing is that the conversation has progressed, which is made a bit more awkward if you simply say “I don’t understand.”



      Your Task

      In the comments below, answer the question.

      After listening to the video, what do you think? Are you a good conversationalist? What are your strengths and weaknesses?



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