Quality Professional English Courses in Spain

Improve your English; improve your opportunities.

Executive Business English classes

Executive English Classes

We provide specialised challenging material to achieve proven results.

At Melton Language Services we know that every client is different. We recognize that, understand it and adapt our services to your needs. 

  • Free needs analysis.
  • Courses tailored to meet the client’s needs.
  • Material planned and designed specifically for your sector, no subject is too specific.
  • Dynamic, result-driven classes to help you achieve your company’s goals.

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Online classes via Zoom

Online English Classrooms

Since 2018, we have been providing quality Business English and French classes via OUR ONLINE CLASSROOMS. Our teachers have been trained and are given material to provide engaging dynamic classes with results. Whether your company needs engineers who have to work with local providers, scientists who participate in international working groups, or are a startup with a worldwide reach, Melton Language Services can ensure you reach your targets by providing professional teachers who know how to help you reach your goals.


  • Flexibility (Timetables/location/length of course)
  • Encrypted and safe technology
  • Feedback after every class through the online platform
  • Focus on all language skills.
Individual English Classes

Individual English Classes

Finally get the English level you want! Have you been studying English for years and still have the same level? At Melton, we provide dynamic engaging classes that motivate you to succeed in achieving the English level you want to improve your job possibilities. Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you have to chair a meeting or pitch your product in English? Do you want to feel as effective outside of the meeting room as you do within? When you travel do you want to take away the stress of trying to navigate a new place in English? How can I improve my English level?
  • Flexible timetable and classes per week
  • Tailor-made to provide the fastest, most efficient way of getting results
  • Experienced teachers
  • Face-to-face and/or online English classes
  • Exam preparation
  • Preparing for job interviews

Clients who have already trusted us with their language training

As we pride ourselves on being able to provide specific material to any client, we’ve worked with a wide variety of sectors.

We have worked with engineers to prepare employees for local contractor bid negotiations, with scientists to aid senior researchers preparing for seminars or presentations at a European level, and with Cyber Security firms to focus on sales techniques for Middle Eastern clients.

In our professional English courses, the focus is as practical as possible. We will give you the linguistic tools so your team feels better prepared when dealing with all kinds of work situations in English.

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At Melton Language Services, we provide professional English training to ministries and companies that need fast results with specific needs. Our dynamic methodology gives companies the tools they need to ensure their employees have the professional skills they need to be effective. Individual or group, private or public sector. We provide the service you need and deserve.

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