English Exam Preparation in Spain

Choosing the Right Exam For You


When choosing an English exam, whether one of the Cambridge English certificates or the IELTS, it’s very important to select the one that is right for your circumstances. We offer Cambridge English exam preparation courses for all levels in Spain, from PET to Proficiency and also courses to prepare for less well-known exams such as the IELTS, TOEIC or the Military SLP exams.  We also have teachers who have worked as the language experts on selection panels and we help prepare candidates for this part of the Spanish Public Administration entrance process. 

English exam preparation in Spain is a demanding process with a lot of hard work involved, both from the student and the centre guiding you through HOW to take the exam. It’s important to have clear that an English exam is used to not only show potential employers or educational institutions your language level, but also to demonstrate your ability to apply yourself to a task and achieve it. Whether you are taking an English exam for work opportunities, study abroad or just to have a clear objective to apply yourself to, Melton Language Services is here to help you along the way. Our professional goal-motivated teachers will help you reach your goals. If you are unsure of which exam you should take, you can take a look HERE,  or please get in touch for more information.


Cambridge English Exams

From exams such as KET and PET, up to Proficiency level, we will help you prepare in a practical, efficient way.  We use a task- based approach to exam preparation with simulations followed by corrections and explanations. This methodology helps the student understand what is required by Cambridge and shows what areas they need to work on to pass the exam.


An increasing number of universities abroad and international companies use the IELTS exam to measure a candidate’s language ability. Covering all four skills, speaking, listening reading, and writing, the IELTS  is one of the more complex exams that you can be asked to take, but our team of IELTS trained teachers will help you achieve the highest score possible.


Tribunal and Exam Board Preparation

Whether it is for entrance into the Public Administration, or internal promotion exams within a ministry, we can help you prepare for the language part of the process.  Many of our teachers have worked as language experts on various exam boards, both in English and French, and know what the tribunal is looking for, and are therefore uniquely placed to help you pass the exam.

SLP Military Exams

We provide preparation in various languages, such as English, French, German, and Arabic, for the International Military standard exams as outlined by NATO. We work with all levels, from level 1 (Elementary), to level 4 (Full professional), and offer preparation in all of the different aspects of the exam; speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

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At Melton Language Services, we provide professional English training to ministries and companies that need fast results with specific needs. Our dynamic methodology gives companies the tools they need to ensure their employees have the professional skills they need to be effective. Individual or group, private or public sector. We provide the service you need and deserve.

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