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At Melton our aim is to provide a high quality, professional language service.  As a company created and run by teachers, Heather Melton and Alex Carter are uniquely capable of assessing a client’s needs and requirements. Melton Language Services was set up in 2003 to answer the needs of clients that Heather and Alex had consistently come across – “I can’t communicate outside of the classroom.” or “I hate using textbooks because they don’t have situations I find myself in.”

Both Heather Melton and Alex Carter have over 20 years of experience teaching students, training teachers and designing courses. Let their knowledge help you achieve your language objectives.

Whether you are an individual student, employer or parent, we understand the investment in time and money that learning a language requires, our goal is to make sure this investment pays off.

Melton Language Services
Heather Melton

Heather Melton


Heather Melton has worked in the USA and Spain and has lived in Madrid for the last 20 years. She founded Melton Language Services in 2005 and has been actively involved in its development ever since. Heather achieved a BFA in Theatre Performance at university and went on to perform in NY. She enjoys bringing that creativity into her classes. While living in NY she also worked in management in a global NGO, giving her first-hand experience of the issues her students face.

Alex Carter

Alex Carter


Alex Carter came to Spain in 1994, having previously lived and worked in the UK and Italy. He has worked as a Director of Studies, teacher trainer and course designer and has also been the linguistic expert on numerous ministerial exam selection boards. Alex has a degree in Business and Sports Psychology from the University of Surrey and has been able to incorporate  aspects of his Sports Psychology degree in motivating and encouraging students, by setting challenging, but achievable goals. 

What they say about us

I have attended a lot of English classes and have had a lot of teachers and different ways of learning… but, without doubt, with Melton, I have found the way to keep improving my level, and most importantly do so whilst having fun.

After a previous needs analysis, Melton adapts their approach perfectly to the student´s requirements and level and step by step, you get that improvement that every student is looking for. For sure, I recommend the Melton methodology and the teachers that make it possible.

José Romero

Head of Human Resources and Communication, Doofinder

My experience with Melton Language has been very good. The teachers are very professional, with a lot of experience and a variety of accents; such as English, American, Irish, Scottish, etc. The company offers a lot of different services and all of them are of a very high quality. In addition, Melton is always very adaptable and responds to requests very quickly. In regards to my telephone classes, I noticed a considerable improvement in my English level in many different areas.
Oscar Salcedo

AV Technical Assistant and Sales, Video Studio

With my company, Acciona, I had the chance to attend a couple of residential courses with Melton. They were amazingly entertaining, while addressing specific needs. I noticed incredible results in certain areas that are essential for our work, such as, giving talks in public and preparing specific technical presentations.
Carolina Ferrandis

Head of Consultancy Services, Acciona Ingeniería

The activities and classes are enjoyable, practical, well-organized and designed to create a high level of student participation. That fact that they are specifically related to my work is fantastic, and easier for me to get the most out of the classes.  

The most stressful situations for a scientist are presentations or discussions in International congresses or working groups and from the first class we work on these areas. In a short time scale you become aware of how much you have learnt and how easy it was to acquire these skills. With the MELTON method I have gained, confidence and spontaneity in my English.

Montse Perez

Senior Researcher, Spanish Institute of Oceanography

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At Melton Language Services, we provide professional English training to ministries and companies that need fast results with specific needs. Our dynamic methodology gives companies the tools they need to ensure their employees have the professional skills they need to be effective. Individual or group, private or public sector. We provide the service you need and deserve.

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