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Intensive English courses are a great way to speed up the language learning process.  We offer flexible, dynamic in-house programs, for groups or individuals from 4 hours to 20 hours per week. A rotation of teachers is guaranteed, and all courses are designed and adapted to the client’s requirements. Programs can focus on one specific area, such as exam preparation, sales techniques, etc. or cover a wider variety of skills.

Our intensive courses can also be done through our residential programs, which are for either a week or weekend, with a minimum of 8 students.  The courses are 8 hours of classes per day plus activities and breakfast, lunch and dinner with the teachers. Classes focus on a variety of professional aspects, such as meetings, presentations, phone calls, video conferences, and written correspondence. Intensive English courses are a perfect way to mix specific linguistic training with social language skills. All residential courses take place in modern, fully equipped hotels within easy reach of your work or home.


For intensive English courses in Melton Language Services, we always use facilities with  modern amentities and up-to-date technology. Our clients have said they feel very comfortable and well-prepared for real-life situations as they have mock-prepared with us first.

All hotels are located near public transport, which makes it easily accessible whether the course is a residential or daytime event.

Skill Acquisition

By contracting an intensive course, you are setting your team up for success. In our intensive English courses, we provide targeted teaching to acquire the exact skills you need. Are you trying to break in to the US or other English-speaking market? Is your team ready to handle the skills and nuances required to compete on the international stage? We can help you get there.

By concentrating on sales, negotiation or working group techniques, your staff will feel prepared and ready to enter any situation calmly, knowing they’ve already put the work in. In our current situation, we can also show how to be effective in a video-conferencing environment.

Water Cooler Chat

A lot of business is done outside of the actual meeting. Melton can help you navigate these waters by helping you with colloquial language, speaking about current affairs diplomatically and recognizing nuances in conversation.

In our intensive courses we give students the opportunity to interact not only in the classroom but through meals and social activities. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, students interact with our teachers, as well as through fun activities where everyone can unwind after a hard day.

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At Melton Language Services, we provide professional English training to ministries and companies that need fast results with specific needs. Our dynamic methodology gives companies the tools they need to ensure their employees have the professional skills they need to be effective. Individual or group, private or public sector. We provide the service you need and deserve.

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