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Online English courses allow for continuous professional development, regardless of where you are or what our situation demands of us. Since 2018, MELTON LANGUAGE SERVICES has been providing a seamless transition from face-to-face classes to virtual classes for ministries and companies in Spain. Maybe you’d like a combination of learning through our vitual classrooms, telephone classes, and face-to-face? Or maybe you’d like the possibility of keeping your teams connected from all over Spain, or indeed, throughout the world? Online English classes with professional teachers can make this learning environment a reality in your company.



Online English Classes for companies | Melton Language Services


Provide employees with the ability to connect to their English classes while working from home or in the office. Online English classes give flexibility, which allows for seamless learning. We give companies the tools to deliver continuous professional development without worrying about where their employees are connecting from.

Reliable Technology

Dynamic interactive classes keep students engaged and learning. Teachers and students utilize whiteboards, as well as breakout rooms, which provide the ability to divide our online English classes into smaller groups or pairs. Just like in a physical classroom. All of this is provided within an encrypted application that ensures security and privacy for all.

Knowledgable Teachers

At Melton Language Services, we firmly believe that having reliable technology, specific material, and outstanding professional teachers is half the battle when trying to learn a language well enough to compete in the international market.

Our teachers are experts in delivering effective virtual English classes and go through training before setting a virtual foot in the classroom.

Other Languages

Our online classes are available in English, French, German, and Arabic. If your company is new to online learning and virtual classes, we are happy to walk you through the process by introducing you to our product with a free demonstration and creating a learning experience uniquely suited to your requirements.

Virtual English Quiz with Melton Language Services

Virtual Team Building | Trivia Night

 You can even use virtual technology for team building activities. We recently did an evening of quizzes in English for our students. Different nationalities, different work backgrounds all coming together to practice English, lift spirits and take full advantage of the technology available. Over 3 separate sessions, and from all over Spain, 100 students, along with their family and friends, participated. Get in touch to find out how we can implement this in your company! Have a look at our other team building activities HERE.

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At Melton Language Services, we provide professional English training to ministries and companies that need fast results with specific needs. Our dynamic methodology gives companies the tools they need to ensure their employees have the professional skills they need to be effective. Individual or group, private or public sector. We provide the service you need and deserve.

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