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Why not supplement your classes with one of our English team building activities for companies? This is the perfect way to motivate workers and allow them to communicate with each other in a fun and innovative way.  The activities focus on different aspects of team building such as leadership roles, communication techniques and the interchange of ideas.

As well as being fun, the activities are also dynamic and challenging, sometimes physically, sometimes intellectually!  As all the activities are carried out in English, our team building for companies also helps develop your employees’ colloquial English language skills.

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Escape Rooms

In Madrid, Spain, we offer escape rooms as part of our English Team Building for Companies package. When employees work on an escape room together in English it facilitates many aspects that are beneficial to the company, such as:

  • bonding
  • working together to solve a common problem
  • listening and clarifying
  • Celebrating your group wins and commiserating over your defeats.
  • Provides insight to companies on how  individual members work and on their strengths.

Trivia Nights

We organize quiz nights both vitually and in-person for English-speaking students and as a corporate English team-building activity. The questions and categories are challenging with entertaining subjects. For example, in our last quiz, we had rounds for geography, music, name the year, and a connection round as well. Practice English with your colleagues while having a good time and exercising your mind. Follow us on Twitter for our next Virtual Quiz Night! However, make sure to sign up early because they fill up fast.

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Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts in English are a great way for employees, research teams or new hire groups to get to know their new company as well as the area around where they are working. In this English team building activity for companies, working together to solve clues while getting a tour of your office is a novel way to experience the usual, and sometimes boring, first day office tour. Or your company could choose to take your workers to a new area of Madrid to explore what the city has to offer. Your employees will have fun while getting to know each other and strengthening bonds and trust.

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