Company Classes


Free consultation with HR before any contract. We will LISTEN to your needs and prepare the courses accordingly. Using a task-based learning focus, our goal is to replicate as closely as possible the kind of language your workers will need in the real world. Why do a role play on selling/buying cars, if your workers have to negotiate a construction contract in the Middle East?  Take a look below at example material from a leading civil engineering company!

Why do a listening about the life of Britney Spears when you have to attend a working group in Brussels and understand people talking about new tax regulations in the EU?

At Melton, we will adapt the classes directly to your requirements. No subject is too specific.




A great way to speed up the language learning process.  We can offer flexible, dynamic in-house programs, for groups or individuals from 4 hours to 20 hours per week. Rotation of teachers guaranteed, and all courses designed and adapted to student/client requirements. Programs can focus on one specific area,  exam preparation, sales techniques etc. or cover a wider variety of skills.

We also offer full residential programs, week or weekend, minimum 10 students.  8 hours of classes per day plus activities and breakfast, lunch and dinner with the teachers. Classes focus on a variety of professional aspects, such as meetings, presentations, phone calls, video conferences, and written correspondence. A perfect way to mix specific linguistic training with social language skills. All residential courses take place in modern, fully equipped hotels within easy reach of your work or home.


Inspire and Motivate


Why not supplement your English classes with one of our team building activities? This is the perfect way to motivate workers and allow them to communicate with each other in a fun and innovative way.  The activities focus on different aspects of team building such as leadership roles, communication techniques and the interchange of ideas.


I have attended a lot of English classes and have had a lot of teachers and different ways of learning... but, without doubt, with Melton, I have found the way to keep improving my level, and most importantly do so whilst having fun.
After a previous needs analysis, Melton adapts their approach perfectly to the student´s requirements and level and step by step, you get that improvement that every student is looking for. For sure, I recommend the Melton methodology and the teachers that make it possible.

Head of Human Resources and Communication, Doofinder

With my company, Acciona, I had the chance to attend a couple of residential courses with Melton. They were amazingly entertaining, while addressing specific needs. I noticed incredible results in certain areas that are essential for our work, such as, giving talks in public and preparing specific technical presentations.


Head of Consultancy Services, Acciona Ingeniería

My experience with Melton Language has been very good. The teachers are very professional, with a lot of experience and a variety of accents; such as English, American, Irish, Scottish, etc. The company offers a lot of different services and all of them are of a very high quality. In addition, Melton is always very adaptable and responds to requests very quickly. In regards to my telephone classes, I noticed a considerable improvement in my English level in many different areas.


AV Technical Assistant and Sales, Video Estudio

The activities and classes are enjoyable, practical, well-organized and designed to create a high level of student participation. That fact that they are specifically related to my work is fantastic, and easier for me to get the most out of the classes.  

The most stressful situations for a scientist are presentations or discussions in International congresses or working groups and from the first class we work on these areas. In a short time scale you become aware of how much you have learnt and how easy it was to acquire these skills. With the MELTON method I have gained, confidence and spontaneity in my English.


Senior Researcher, Spanish Institute of Oceanography

Material Example

Please take a look at an example of  our material for specific purposes that has been used in residential courses in civil engineering. This is just an example of the work we can provide for individuals and companies. Demanding material for demanding clients.

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