Colloquial English At A Restaurant

Before eating

Asking for a table – Notice here, we use THERE ARE, not we are. 

Ordering from the waiter – When ordering, we use the verb HAVE and the Future Simple. As well, we have the definite article THE to show specificity.

i.e. I’ll have the fish.

When asking friends – Please note that with friends we use Present Continuous, NOT will.

i.e. A: What are you having? B: I’m having the fish.

During the meal

Asking for something – Use PASS or HAND, not give.

End of the meal

The Bill – We never use “I invite you.” It makes us think you are inviting us to an event like a wedding, rather than offering to pay.



  • Meat temperatures: Rare, Medium rare, Medium, Medium well, Well done
  • If you want to pay for the bill, you can say “I’ve got this” or “It’s on me:”

Your Task

In the comments below, post an example conversation you could have in a restaurant.

For example:

A: I’m starving! What are you having?

B: The fish looks good. I think I’ll have the fish.



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