Speaking with your Children in English – The Circle Activity

How to get your children to speak with you in English

Getting your children to speak with you in English is a wonderful way to practice language skills and spend time together. We think this is a great activity to do with your kids.

You draw a simple a circle on a piece of paper and divide into 4, 6, or 8. In each section write something personal to you. Have your child/children do the same. Then by asking Yes or No questions, they have to guess the meaning of each of your sections and you guess theirs.

For example, looking at the circle below, let’s say you have decided to guess what Fito means.

Possible questions could be:

Is it a boy?   Yes

Is it human? No

Is it a pet? Yes

Do you still have him? No

Was he your first pet? Yes!

Then I could tell you all about how great Fito was at enjoying my tea parties. (BTW, sorry about the fake cakes, Fito. You were a good boy.)

Why we like this activity is that you get to practice asking questions, there is room for discussion in the explanation, and it’s a lovely way to connect with your kids.

Speaking English with Your Children


– Don’t forget about how to form a question! Here we’re asking Yes/No questions. So you need to concentrate on Object Questions.

Auxilary verb + Subject + Infinitive/Participle

Do you like tripe?

Have you lived in Canada?

– The verb TO BE is an exception. It doesn’t take an auxilary verb. You just place it in front of the subject.

Is Fito a dog?

Is green your favourite colour?


Your Task

Please leave a comment below and let us know how it goes for? What were some of the questions you asked? We hope you enjoy it!


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