Online English Summer Camp 2020

Learn While Having Fun

For the past 12 years, Melton Language Services, along with CEU San Pablo, have prided ourselves on providing a quality Summer camp in central Madrid that allows kids to have fun and learn in a dynamic, friendly, and welcoming environment.  Due to the current circumstances, we are having a modified online camp. But still using the magic of theatre!

In collaboration with the CEU San Pablo

Total Immersion in English

All groups and levels, divided by both AGE and LEVEL, use English from the first day! 

We also have REDUCED CLASS SIZES, maximum 12 students/class, allowing for lots of opportunities for speaking and increased participation in all activities.

Experienced Dynamic Teachers

A must for any successful summer camp, all our teachers have lots of experience working with kids, and make sure all the classes are fun, dynamic, and all in English. The teacher follows  a fun, balanced program prepared by our pedagogical department.

Theatre Performances for Parents

Every day groups of all ages and levels have theatre class in English, a great way to take away the fear of speaking. The last day of the course, parents are invited to come and see their kids perform in plays they’ve written themselves.

Teacher Rotation

Listening is such an important part of any language. To help get the kids used to different accents, there is a change of teacher each class. This way each group has the opportunity to have teachers from different parts of the world.

English Online Summer Camp 2020


Dates:  29 June – 24 July, 2020

Days: Monday – Friday

Hours: 7.5  (1.5 hrs/day)

Number of students per group: 2 – 4

Platform: Zoom. It’s the most interactive! Teachers can share their screens, so it’s very easy to use audiovisual material. There is also the possibility of using smaller rooms so students can work together in pairs. 

Theatre: There will be a theatre perforrmance on the last day – 24 July, 2020!



Groups of 2 – 350 Euros child/month.

Groups of 3 – 4:  300 Euros child/month.

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