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Talking About Numbers

Talking About Numbers in English Useful information for describing graphs and charts In the previous 2 posts on trends we looked at how to make sentences using verbs, both transitive and intransitive (HERE), and also how to give more detailed information using either...

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Improve Speaking and Listening Skills in English

Improve Your Listening and Speaking Skills in EnglishStudents are always looking for a way to improve their speaking and listening skills. Improve Listening and Speaking in English by Really Listening to Your Partner One way is utilizing the skills you already have in...

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Colloquial English at a Restaurant

Colloquial English At A Restaurant Before eating Asking for a table - Notice here, we use THERE ARE, not we are.  Ordering from the waiter - When ordering, we use the verb HAVE and the Future Simple. As well, we have the definite article THE to show specificity. i.e....

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Tips for Passing the Speaking Part of English Exams

How can I pass the Speaking part of English exams? Most exams, such as IELTS, SLP, and all of the Cambridge exams, involve a speaking part or interview. These can either be individual, or as with the Cambridge exams, with another student. The Speaking part of English...

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Describing Graphs and Tables in English

TIP NUMBER 1 How many times have you been describing a graph or chart and only used increase or decrease? You know there are more words you can use, your teacher has given you lists of them, but then the panic comes and it’s back to good old increase and decrease. So...

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